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 Guild Policy's and Relations

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Admin / Guild Officer
Admin / Guild Officer

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PostSubject: Guild Policy's and Relations   Thu May 28, 2009 3:21 pm

Most everything about our guild can be found on our website or forums. This page is dedicated to the "business" of the guild. Those items would include, recruitment, loot distribution, ranks, and how we operate. Since we are for all purposes a casual guild... you will not see a lot of strict things said about raiding or attendance... however, just with anything you may endeavor to do... the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

The gamers in our guild are not what some would call "hardcore". Addicted maybe... but not hardcore. There is a genuine enjoyment that comes from playing the game. This is what Oblivion intends to foster through the guild organization. Unfortunately with growth some order must be obtained and that is what you will find on this... the subtle order in which we try to operate.

Should you have any questions... most any officer should be able to assist you or get with another officer to respond to your question as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in Oblivion and your participation if you have chosen to be a member as well! Happy Gaming Smile
There is a simple get to know you form used as an application found on our main page. Please contact an officer in game if you have any questions. Please check our main page to see what our current recruiting class needs are. It's our endeavor to maintain a casual guild as to not become zerg or greedy/rude in character for this we do not recruit spam like in game. Word of mouth, friends and casual PUG's tend to lend us to our recruiting style.
Basic Information:
Oblivion is always looking for dedicated, friendly, individuals to strengthen our guild. We strive to enjoy everything World of Warcraft has to offer from high level instances to pvp. We accept those who share the same interests and assist to become to the guild. We believe in supporting not only our members to the fullest extent, but the alliance as a whole. HOWEVER… not forgetting the aspect of fun.
1. - Guild Communication:

Text - Guild Channel

Voice- Ventrillo
    i. Name on vent must be your mains in game name.
    i. Forums - Oblivion website is our primary line of communication
    ii. visiting the forums and registering is required.
    iii. All guild events, news, and information will be posted on the website and in the forums.
    iv. As we grow we will probably migrate to an availability lists for all guild events will be based off signing up on the forums, only subject to class
    requirements and member ranks.

Rules of Use:

- Be respectful and mature.
- All common sense rules apply.
- Spamming, flaming, racism will not be tolerated.

2. - Instance Raids:
Your responsibilities:
    i. - Post availability in the website forums, be on time, and 'prepared'.
    ii. - If you need to leave before an instance is completed please excuse yourself with as much time notice as possible
    iii. - Finding suitable replacement(s) in the event of a player departure is polite and always appreciated

3. - Drop Distribution:
Master Loot will be used in all raids.

See the Loot Rules Section HERE

4 - Guild Bank:
All items donated to the guild vault are to support all the other guild members
Currently requests are taken on an as needed basis... future distribution is being managed
Blue Items are kept for distribution, green items are to be disenchanted for mats, and kept for enchants for members. Epic BoE's that are not given out are sent to AH for operating money for the guild... if not successfully sold on AH then disenchanted for guild members to use as mats.
Once an item is donated it becomes property of the guild bank.

Additional things with the Vault:
->No items pre-TBC will be allowed to remain in vault;
->No items below level 70; 350 skill will remain in vault;

Vault process...
Donations uncertain of tab to be deposited in please send to Amilya. All requests made to the vault officer will attempt a 24-48 hour turn around time
on requests that were sent via ingame mail. Items are give a penny take a penny or 1/2 AH value in gold.

All items are on a give a penny take a penny basis and daily withdrawl amounts and are set by rank. If abused (people taking things to sell on the AH for gold not for personal use) the withdraw ability will be taken away.

Please stop donating PreTBC items. TBC Items will be accepted if used for leveling professions.

The miscellaneous tab is a great place for members to trade items; however, do not let it become a victim of a dumping ground for things others don't want. The only way to police this is to either restrict access or demote the person for abusing the tab.

TABS with function:
(1)Potions and Food
(2)Gems / Enchanting (Jewel Crafting and Enchanting)
(3)Engineering Mining and Tailoring
(4)Inscription and Alchemy
(5)By Request: Items that a raid lead or officer feel should be reviewed prior to distribution for best use and progression of the guild.
All by request items will be reviewed by Amilya/ Alesa for dispersement; please send your inquiry to her.

5 - Guild Ranks

Ranks Defined:

Inactive: Guild member that has been inactive for more than 3 weeks (21 days) - unless prior notice of absence is notified. If member is inactive with
prior notice rank is still changed to inactive for security purposes and rank of member or veteran pending status is granted once member returns.

Initiate: Probationary member, new recruit.
- privileges: guild chat/website and forum access No Bank Access.
Four week period of time before moving to member status. Raiding is not required to obtain member status; however raiding is required for
advancement into Veteran status and attendance is taken into consideration for loot; once guild is out of leveling phase; initiates will be asked to
have participate in raids to advance to membership status. Raid requirement can be overlooked if member has applied as a casual non raiding member
(ie friend of family/member, etc..)

Alt Member: An alternate toon of anyone member and above. Typically Initiates are not allowed to have "alts" in the guild; however exceptions are made
on a case by case basis. If an initiate is allowed "alts" that character is not promoted to "alt member" until their main is out of initiate status.
Alt is determined as any toon that is not a raid progression "main".
Distribution of Loot to Alts will be determined based on circumstance and elaborated more in loot section of policies.

Member: Full guild member - earned after 1 month of initiate status...
Must have participated in (10)raids before rank is earned.
- privileges: limited vault access (misc tab/crafted tab) & deposit abilities, guild chat/website and forum access

Veteran: Recognized as an older guild member ... no additional priviledges - 2-3 months in guild; pending promotion schedule This does not have to be
a "raiding" member to be earned. We realize there are members of our guild that do not raid for various reasons. This rank is to designate older guild
members regardless of raiding status.
- privileges: limited vault access (misc tab/crafted tab) & deposit abilities, guild chat/website and forum access

Captain Rank: This rank is used to recognize guild members that contribute to raids & guild functions. May be asked to participate in guild planning
Members may be promoted and demoted within this rank as criteria is maintained.
Criteria to be met of this rank would include and is not limited to:
->Member or higher rank
->85% attendance rate to progression raids
->participation in guild approved raiding specs for raids participation
->enchantment and enhancement of gear as available
->contribution to raid needs as needed if attendance cannot be adhered to due to RL
->respec as raid requires; do not change "raiding" spec unless approved by class captain and guild lead
Additional expectations will be listed as needed
Limits: 25 per DPS; 10 per Healing; 5 per Tanking specs;
- privileges: increased vault access (raiding tab, misc tab, crafted tab) & deposit abilities, guild chat/website and forum access, preferred placement in

Officer: These are the Guild leaders they work with the GM for a total of 7 people to make the overall guild decisions.
- privileges: complete vault access gold & full deposit abilities, guild chat/website and additional forum access, preferred placement in raids
pending attendance is met same as Officer, invite, promote, kick individuals, input on applications and recruitment needs
- prereqs: eighteen months or longer in guild, proven commitment, demonstrate leadership, exemplify and distribute exceptional knowledge the guild
policies and relations; able to assist captains with class specific issues; raid assist
may be asked to lead raids/instances
-Limit: 6

Guild Master: Will also over see the roles of:
Morale/Retention Officer: Oversees general morale of members; assists with guild nights and and oversees retention, ingame calendar and send messages to drum up support when needed in mass mail and Ensures new members know the ropes
-Limit: 1

6 - Player Conduct
    i. While a member of Oblivion We we ask for maturity, class, commitment, and integrity. You represent the guild as a whole while in the guild. Greed or selfishness is just not proper game play.

    ii. You are welcome to play or be how you want to be, we won't tell you how to play.

    iii. Greed is just not accepted in any shape, or form. Players who demonstrate they place their own needs before the needs of their guild mates will be asked to consider their desire to stay in guild.

    iv. Harassment of anyone or anything in ANY form will ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER be tolerated in public, private, ingame or out of game.

    v. All guild members are asked to to please notify an officer when an extended absence is anticipated. (this way we won't worry about you!)

    vi. Alternate chars may join but only one alt is allowed unless you are an officer or have been "grand fathered" in.

    vii. POSITIVE ATTITUDE! If you are rude or negative you will be asked to consider your participation in the guild. Constant actions of this nature will
    result in removal from guild.

    viii. If you sign up from a raid or instance run and cannot make it; it is your responsibility to let the leader of that run know and try to find a suitable
    replacement if enough time allows. If you have an emergency and cannot make a scheduled run or let someone know prior to the run please be kinda
    and make your apologies when you do return to the game.

7- Continued Membership/Renewed membership
    i. Main toons will be kept in the guild indefinately unless the following occurs... 2 months without logging in and any contact to establish the abscence. If no contact or reason has been given for the time away the toon will be automatically kicked. If reason is given there is no time length to the inactivity.

    ii. Alternate toons will be kept in the guild unless the following occurs - 1 month without activity; main toon leaves guild; excessive alts are brought into the guild.

    iii. As a general rule Oblivion is not in the habit of allowing players that have left the guild to return. However each "re-application" is subject to review and decided on case by case basis.

8- Other Policies & Procedures

Raid Leader/Assist Procedures:
-> Post runs for the following week on the forums by no earlier than 8am Est and no later 8pm Est Sunday night
-> Assure raid has been approved prior to placing it on the in game calendar
-> Make sure raid has following information:
    Invite time, start time, type of members/players allowed, bosses to be attempted, raid leader, who to contact if player cannot make raid

-> has installed approved attendance mod; other mods required by raid leads*TBD
-> has checked all posts for minimum criteria to participate in raid
-> starts raids ON TIME and lets everyone know in the signup post how long it is anticipated for duration
Main Toon Main Spec info
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Admin / Guild Officer
Admin / Guild Officer

Posts : 704
Join date : 2009-04-26
Age : 42
Location : Mount Sterling Kentucky

PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy's and Relations   Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:24 am


If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!
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Admin / Guild Officer
Admin / Guild Officer

Posts : 704
Join date : 2009-04-26
Age : 42
Location : Mount Sterling Kentucky

PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy's and Relations   Wed May 12, 2010 10:53 pm


If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy's and Relations   

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Guild Policy's and Relations
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